product highlight: IM11 Bubble face shield

The innovative design of a Bubble Shield is part of PAULSON´s state-of-the-art injection molded product range. PAULSON´s IM11 Face Shield features a toric lens design with integrated chin protector. Made of high quality Polycarbonate, this Face Shield provides advanced optical properties.

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It can be attached to a headgear or bracket, and can be worn over correction glasses and respirators. The product is available with and without anti-fog coating.

PAULSON's IM11 Face Shield can be used in various applications like food industry, medical industry, and painting industry. Being lightweight and comfortable to war, the product offers the protection you need to safely and comfortably do your job.

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The main advantages of PAULSON´s Bubble Face Shield are:

1. unrivaled optical properties
2. no paralaxes
3. does not restrict vision when looking around
4. can be combined with correction glasses and respirators
5. integrated chin protector
6. lightweight
7.comfortable to wear

PAULSON´s IM11 Face Shield series is designed to meet ANSI Z78.1 and is certified to EN 166.

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