PAULSON INTERNATIONAL – Quality Products To Protect People™

Weltkarte About3Since 1947 PAULSON Manufacturing, located in Temecula, USA develops, manufactures and distributes eye and face protection to industry worldwide. PAULSON Manufacturing specializes in high quality Arc Flash, Industrial, Tactical, Fire and Medical PPE, to provide maximum protection from a variety of hazards including arc flash, extreme heat, high impact, molten metal, plasma, energy discharge and chemical splash.

As PAULSON Manufacturing is vertically integrated, everything is done in-house. All phases of production, from designing the products to making the tooling, injection molding, machining, assembling, packaging and labeling, everything is done at the factory in the USA. This allows PAULSON Manufacturing to maintain a rigorous quality control program in accordance with IS0 9001, to have great flexibility in offering innovative engineering solutions, and, to offer customized product solutions for specific applications and individual requirements.

PAULSON Manufacturing is committed in consulting and assisting its customers to understand the specific safety needs in order to develop product solutions, specifically tailored to protect workers from particular workplace hazards and integrate them with existing safety practices.

PAULSON Manufacturing designs and manufactures its PPE to be easy to use, comfortable, and as durable as possible to encourage workers to use it whenever and wherever necessary. A strong focus on quality is vital to saving lives.

Since 2004, PAULSON International, the international sales entity of PAULSON Manufacturing, distributes these high quality products to the entire world by a globally acting network of authorized distributors.

Meanwhile, PAULSON International is represented in 76 countries with over 250 authorized distributors.

The headquarter and warehouse of PAULSON International is located in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Both Paulson Manufacturing and Paulson International are ISO 9001:2015 certified by adopting the Total Quality Management System (TQM) for Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Safety Products.