12-cal HT™ AmpShield®

European Class 2 HT™ AmpShield®

HT™ AmpShield®

3Phase® Lift Front Hood

40 calorie HT™ ArcShield

Utilization and Resistance to PPE

3Phase® Lift-Front Arc Flash Face Shield Animation

The Standards associated with Arc Flash Protection

ArcVent™ System for Hoods and Shrouds




AMP1-20HT-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP2-12HT-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP2-12HTS-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP2-20HT-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP3-12HT-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP3-12HTS-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP3-20HT-EC w/ Flashlight

AMP1-12HTS-EC w/ Flashlight